Midnight Run Blanket

     It can be hard to remember that there are many things all Americans agree about and many ways we can work together to make this world a better place.
     Earlier this summer, a couple of ladies in our knitting group proposed we spend our summer knitting for charity.  We initially thought we’d get one blanket to donate to a local church’s midnight run, so I posted the idea on social media to see if there would be any interest.  The response was overwhelming. Both experienced and beginner knitters have been excited about this idea and participation has been high.  Even a local business wants to donate yarn for this project.  As a result, we now have four blankets to donate, and we are planning to repeat the effort in 2019.
     As knitters, we have a unique opportunity to join together in our communities to make small changes, one stitch at a time.  We make things that can really help people, all the while putting love and good wishes into each stitch.  The blankets we make will be cherished by the recipients, and we can pass our love of craft along to help others.

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