Marushka Roving

00000000aaaaA friend asked me to spin the undercoat of her Samoyed into yarn.  I had done this before and had been happy with the resulting yarn.  The Samoyed fiber acts much like Angora does: it blooms, has little if any memory, and is very warm, which is why I like to ply it with wool.  In this case, however, because my Merino stash was quite depleted, I was shopping for similar roving.  I would have considered just about any soft wool — BFL, Cormo, Romeldale and the like were all in the running.  I remembered meeting Marie Minnich from Marushka Farms at Rhinebeck a few years ago and decided to give her a call to see if she could help me.  She maintains the largest flock of Romeldale in the US.  Odds are, her stash is probably larger than mine. Emails were exchanged, and we both decided on a Romeldale roving with added silk and mohair.  The roving was delivered to my door yesterday.  Time to dust off the spinning wheel.  We will spin come the dawn.


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